1. Hemp captures carbon like no other crop! During its growth cycle, one hectare of hemp can remove a whopping 20 tons of carbon from the atmosphere.

2. It needs no herbicides or insecticides to thrive so you know that your hemp food products will be pure, and the hedgerows, bees and butterflies will be happy.

3. Its seeds and oil are bursting with vital nutrients including the full range of essential fatty acids, and have multiple health benefits.

4. Hemp plant fibres can be made into everything from building materials to textiles, paper, insulation, bio-fuel and car bodies. That’s right, car bodies! And they are at least 10 times more dent resistant than steel.

5. Hemp protein powder is the richest source of plant-based protein you’ll find – and it contains all nine amino acids.

6. Hemp food products have no known allergens, so are suitable for the most sensitive of stomachs.

7. Textiles made from hemp are four times stronger than cotton, but softer.

8. Hemp can be grown using ‘no till farming’ methods, which helps reduce soil erosion.

9. Unlike many other commercial crops, hemp needs little water – far less than corn, wheat or soya beans.

10. It’s super adaptable and can grow in a variety of climates and soils. This means hemp can be grown almost anywhere in the world. If it’s processed and consumed locally to where its grown, that means no more polluting shipping.  More UK farmers are now growing hemp and this could have a positive impact on the climate.