Created by Plant Based Bloke

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30 minutes


1) Finely Dice & Sautée 1 Large Onion in Vegetable Oil on a medium low heat for a 5 minutes before adding 2 Finely Chopped Garlic Cloves & cooking for another few minutes.

2) Slice 200 to 300g of your chosen Mushrooms (a mixture works best) then add these to the Onions & cook on a medium heat until Softened & Slightly Browned.

3) Remove half the Mushrooms & Onions then set aside & cover to keep warm.

4) Add 300g Arborio Rice to the Pan and cook on low until Translucent around the edges of the Rice.

5) Add 200ml of Vegan White Wine to the pan & cook Medium-Low until absorbed.

6) Mix 3 Mushroom Stock Cubes into 700ml of Boiling Water. Gradually add this to the Rice around 100ml at a time after the Wine has been absorbed.

7) Once all of the Stock has been absorbed, turn off the heat, add plenty of Black Pepper and a handful of Hulled Hemp Seed then stir through.

8) Serve in bowls or dishes topped with more Hulled Hemp & some Microgreens or Herbs & get stuck into the goodness!



Some hearty bread of your choice



Hulled Hemp Seed