Hemp & Cacao Superfood Brownies
(Makes 8-12 Brownies)
1) Mix together 3 Tbsp Ground Flax with 9 Tbsp warm water then set aside.
2) In a large bowl, add 125g Hemp Flour, 50g Ground Almonds, 1 Tsp Baking Powder, 50g Raw Cacao Powder & 250g Soft Brown Sugar (Xylitol for Keto). Mix the dry ingredients together well.
3) Add the Flax mixture, 1 Tsp Almond Extract & 80g Melted Vegan Butter then mix together well. The batter should be slightly thick but able to settle in a tin. If the Mix is too stiff, simply add a little water or Oat Milk.
4) Add 200g Vegan Chocolate Chips or chopped Chocolate to the batter then mix well.
5) Pour into a 20cm Square Tin lined with Baking Paper then cook in the upper-Centre of the Oven at 160C Fan or 180C regular for around 40 minutes. It will set more as it cools so be careful not to overcook.
6) If you like your Brownies soft & gooey, cook for around 35 minutes then allow to cool, then refrigerate before slicing.